The voting just got even more exciting!


So just recently, following the Heads of Delegations meetings in Tel Aviv,  Czech Head of Delegation, Mr. Jan Bors dropped a mini spoiler teaser that the participating countries had agreed to changes to the voting  in the Grand Final. And now the website has made it official. 

Unlike the major overhaul in 2016, there will only be a slight change to how the results will be announced, but this change is certainly going to make the show even more exciting and less confusing. 

According to the statement released by,  In 2019, the presentation of the votes changes slightly. The order in which the televoting results are revealed is determined by the ranking of the jury result.

The announcement of the televoting results will start with the country receiving the fewest points from the juries and end with the country that received the highest points from the juries. 

The presenters shall announce the sum of points that each song has received from the votes of the televote across all participating countries.

Scores will still be calculated in the same manner as the last three years where the juries and televoters have a 50/50 split. However, we’ll have to wait until later in the voting sequence to see if an act has flopped with the televoters. And should an act be battered by the juries, they’ll receive their televote boost much sooner.

For example, in 2017, Australia’s Isaiah, who came fourth with the juries,  would have been the fourth last act to receive his batch of two points from home, rather than the second to be announced, just after Austria’s null point. The presentation of the jury votes will remain unchanged.

Here’s a simulation, contributes by ESC Luxembourg, of how the 2018 exciting voting sequence would have looked under the new voting system.