The Eurovision Look alike app is out!


My Heritage, the official sponsor of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, recently launched the look alike application. We all, at least once in our lives, were told that we look like someone famous. Well  now with this app, you can upload your photo and within seconds find out who is your most look alike Eurovision Star! 

In a release to the press, My Heritage states: “As Presenting Partner at Eurovision 2019, we are delighted to share exciting Eurovision fun as we countdown to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest final, less than two months away. There is no greater thrill than being connected to a Eurovision legend, and now’s your chance to feel more connected than ever.”

My Heritage continues to say: “Eurovision has been host to many talented singers with memorable personalities and individual styles, you’re bound to find a strong likeness among them. You might look like a Eurovision winner, share their style, or maybe even have a similar singing voice! Goth, glam, barefoot romantic, or metal-wearing robot — everyone can find their Eurovision doppelgänger.” 

So Wonder Woman, Israeli Gal Gadot’s look alike Eurovision celebrity is Tamta from Cyprus! What do you think? Who is your ESC celebrity? Check out the Look Alike app!