From Cyprus to Azerbaijan. Semi Finals Running Order Revealed.

It’s official.   The much anticipated running order of the two semi finals is out. The order was decided by the show producers at Host Broadcaster KAN. The provisional running order, in which the acts will perform, was approved by Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand and the chairperson of the EBU Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group, Dr. Frank Dieter Freiling. 

Cyprus, Who was a close second place, last year in Lisbon, got the honor of opening the first semi final, while Azerbaijan will conclude the second semi final.


Take a look at the two videos Eurovision.TV just uploaded with the recap of each semi final.  

As you may know, since 2013, the running order of the semi finals, as well as the grand final, is determined by the show producers.  While each country is drawing its place spent between the first and second half of the shows, it is up to the producers to determine their exact placement in the running order. This is done to give every entry the focus that it needs, and let it shine. It also makes each show more exciting to watch.  It is after all a TV show. 

The running order for the Grand Final on May 18th will be determined by the producers, right after the second Semi-Final, in the early hours of Friday 17 May.  Similarly to the semi finals, the running order for the final is also based on how each country has drawn its starting position between the first and second half of the show. 

The Host Country is the only participant that randomly draws it’s placement in the running order. During the Heads of Delegations  Meetings back in March, it was determined that Israel‘s placement in the running order would be 14.