The Postcards. ISRAEL like you have never seen it before.

One of the most exciting component of every Eurovision are the postcards, those 40 seconds before each song where the artists are introduced, normally on the background of the host country’s landscape.  We sure love those postcards. They definitely help to set the tone and feel of not only the show but also of each performance.

As you may know, the concept for the postcards this year is Everybody Dance Now. All 41 participants have visited Israel in the past few months to learn how to dance and shoot their postcards all over the country.

There have been a lot of videos surfacing on social media in the past couple of months, showing bits and bites from this year’s postcards which are all filmed in Israel. 

But today, KAN really got our attention and excitement when they shared a big teaser on what we can expect, and as they said, we will get to see Israel like we have never seen it before.