OGAE Israel, the official Israeli Eurovision fan club, which is also the hosting club this year, has just announced the 2019 Euro Cafe! And what a party this is about to be! 

Take a look at the press release the Israeli leadership published on their site.  

“We are Proud/Happy/Excited and Delighted to finally announce and reveal the Club's Events for Eurovision Week!

As the only fan club in Israel we have decided to make this year an unforgettable hosting experience like never seen before in Eurovision Week in Europe and by that making it to you, the FANS, a bigger, more exciting experience that will show EVERYBODY how we do it here in TEL AVIV!

Ha-Oman 17, the biggest and most advanced night club in Israel is going to be totally ours from Sunday (May 12th) and up to Saturday after the finals for the biggest and most invested parties that have been seen not only in Israel but also in whole Europe (and Australia).

Together with VIVO Productions (yea, yea, the same company that is signed on the productions of super mega star Offer Nissim and Pride week events in Tel Aviv) we will create every night a HUGE production to which we will fly especially all the biggest and most exciting names of former artists from all over Europe and will also host local STARS to unforgettable Tel Avivian nights.

We have been working really hard for the EuroCafe for a few month now and we are so delighted to bring it all out now that it's going to be exactly what we were dreaming of: BIG, SHINY, IMPRESSIVE and one that has never been done before.

OGAE Israel has set up a cause to make the hosting experience in Tel Aviv that will never be forgotten and to put YOU, the FANS in the CENTER of it all! we are waiting to see all of you in May in our unstoppable city of TEL AVIV!”

Tickets will be available for purchase within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.