As expected, Ukraine is out, won’t compete in TLV

Ukrainian broadcaster, following Maruv's withdrawal, has failed to to find a replacement entrant for Tel Aviv. Moments ago, as we sadly expected earlier this week, they have released the following statement where they officially announce that they would not take part in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. 

"The Eurovision Song Contest is an opportunity for every country to showcase itself in an international area, and for each performer to act as an ambassador of their country and win fans from around the world. But the national selection this year has drawn attention to a systemic problem with the music industry in Ukraine – the connection of artists with an aggressor state with whom we are in the fifth year of military conflict. Whilst for some, these links are acceptable, for others it causes indignation and unacceptance. Given the current sitation, and following Ukrainian law on public broadcasting, as well as conditions of excessive politicization of the national selection process, UA:PBC has decided to withdraw from the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest."

 The European Broadcasting Union has released the following statement: 

“Each participating broadcaster is responsible for the selection of their act for the Eurovision Song Contest in accordance to the rules set out by the European Broadcasting Union. It is with sadness that the EBU can confirm that Ukraine’s broadcasterUA:PBC has informed the EBU that, following further discussions, theyhave made the difficult decision to withdraw from the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. There will be further discussions between the EBU and UA:PBC on this matter but we hope to see them again in 2020. However, for now, welook forward to what is already shaping up to be a fantastic event in Tel Aviv in May.”

 How will the EBU deal with this situation is yet to be known, but most likely, Ukraine will be fined for their last minute withdrawal (three months after the participation deadline). We here at use this opportunity to remind our readers that our site is apolitical. We do however call all participating countries to put politics aside and celebrate Eurovision. This is why Eurovision was created! We hope to see Ukraine back in the competition next year, and we will sure miss them in Tel Aviv.