Top Interval Acts, Attempts to Live Up to Riverdance

Interval acts are little performances performed by the hosting county's famous musicians, the masters of ceremony, or by previous year's winner. Here's a selection of fun interval acts from the past 10 years.

2009: Fuerza Bruta performs in Russia

While not Russian, or actually little to do with the hosting country, Russia presented us Fuerza Bruta. A worldwide famous postmodern theatre show originating from Buenos Aires was featured in 2009. It was around the time when the show was performed in Moscow, which wasn't necessarily unique since it's been touring around the world since 2003 and an off-Broadway certified version of it has been permanently in New York City since 2007, it was nonetheless a glorious spectacle.

2016: Justin Timberlake's first televised performance of "Can't Stop the Feeling!"

Europeans got their first exclusive preview of this new number 1 hit a few days before the rest of the world. Timberlake gave his first televised performance of "Can't Stop the Feeling!" during the interval act of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 grand final.

2012: Eurovision Medley Performance by Past Winners

It's quite a tradition for Eurovision hosting countries to pay tribute to the most successful Eurovision winners, in 2012, the organizers decided to bring together five former winners to performer their songs by using the accompaniment of local traditional instruments.

2016: No, Still, This is How You Write a Song

In 2016 we learned what's the secret to winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Bare with us, dress to impress and don't look back!

2016: Choreography Illustrating the Journey to Europe

In 2016, the organizers weren't only praised for an excellent choice of MCs, but in addition to overly entertaining interval acts they also brought focus to the importance of immigrant lives and the ongoing European refugee crisis.

2015: Conchita Wurst brings Eurovision back to Classics

The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest brought back some classical elements to Eurovision while still embracing modern elements in terms of design. The orchestra returned for the opening, as well as beautiful gowns and dresses, while also being forwarding thinking by building a fully recyclable stage and using four women as MCs, including the last year's winner Conchita Wurst. The opening truly brought us to tears.

1994: You can try, but you will never beat the Riverdance

Ah, that's the classic, the best of the best of interval acts. The one that we will always fail to live up to, the good old Riverdance. Our inspiration and muse of interval acts.

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