FYR Macedonia wins the Barbara Dex Award 2018

In addition to the overall Eurovision vistory, and Marcel Bezençon Awards, another award is handed out to one contestant each year. Since 1997, a fan-voted accolade is handed out to the "worst dessed" artists. The award was founded by Dutch Eurovision fansite The House of Eurovision and has continue to be a popular topic for fans to talk about. The award is given based on the contestant's live performance and has been controversial among fans for being superficial and demeaning, while it continues to make headlines across the community.

From 43 artists, viewers were asked to vote for who they believed was the worst dressed artist of the 2018 song competition via Songfestival.be. The top five included Netta (Israel), Vanja Radovanovic (Montenegro), Sennek (Belgium), and Jassica Mauboy (Australia), but the worst of the worst according to fans was this year's entry from FYR Macedonia.

The lead singer Marija Ivanovska wore a pink jacket back-to-front, with a pair of silver shorts being visible underneath the stand-out pink. Mid-performance the jacket was removed to reveal a silver sparkly top, with a knitted pattern to top it off.

Valev Laube

235 East 62nd Street, New York, NY, 10065, United States

Valev Laube is an Estonian-born brand manager, artist, and designer currently based in New York.

He is an alumnus of the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) and the United World College of the Adriatic (Duino, Italy). 
His works have been exhibited both in the United States and Canada, and his performed world-wide.

His most recent projects include a web presence and design project for a world-wide brand consultancy Marquee Brand Builder, branding for a promotional goods design and production company Sacatelle, and many other design work for companies such Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and many others. His most recent independent projects include organizing a multidisciplinary concert "Tonality of Culture" (National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.), creating a music video for an Estonian-Finnish indie-pop band Popidiot, branding and curating works for The Foundation for Estonian Arts and Letters (New York, NY).

In 2016 and 2017 he was the creative director of the Estonian Cultural Days in New York, and collaborated as a video artist on a performance-art show "Reflection Spectrum" at Anita's Way (New York, NY).