Top 5 Songs That Won Marcel Bezençon Awards

Marcel Bezençon Awards, named after the founder of the Eurovision Song Contest, are special awards given to outstanding acts based on press, artistic and compositional success. Awards were first handed out in 2002 in Tallinn. Initiated by Christer Björkman (Sweden's representative in Eurovision, 1992) and Richard Herrey (member of the Herreys, 1984 Eurovision winner from Sweden), awards are granted in three categories - the Press Award, Artistic Award, and Composer Award. Awards are traditionally handed out backstage, shortly before the Grand Final. These are the top 5 songs ever to receive one or multiple awards.

Occidentali's Karma

Press Award - Italy 2017

Italy's entry to Eurovision 2017 needs little introduction. With over 200 million views on Youtube this song became a mega-hit across Europe. The catchy melody, humorous lyrics, and naked ape dancing made us all scream "La scimmia nuda balla Occidentali's Karma" Panta rei, and taking you Francesco Gabbani for enlightening us with youre pure joy and genuine energy.

Rise like a Phoenix

Press Award - Austria 2014

Another song that the world simply couldn't ignore. Little known, but in addition to the overall victory of Eurovision 2014, the Austrian singer Conchita Wurst was also granted the press award making her the diva of the night and bring an important message of tolerance and acceptance to millions of viewers.

Calm After the Storm

Artistic Award | Composer Award - The Netherlands 2014

As if landing a second place at the Eurovision Song Contest isn't good enough, The Common Linnets representing the Netherlands was praised for it's artistic quality and excellent composition. Despite a mellow and soothing melody, it reached number 9 in the UK singles chart, and first in many other countries, like Belgium, Iceland, and the Netherlands.


Artistic Award | Composer Award - Sweden 2012

Without a doubt the most successful recent song to come out of the contest Euphoria was also praised for it's artistic quality. After winning the whole contest by a landslide of votes, it received two Marcel Bezençon Awards - Artistic, and Composer Awards. The song was received positively across the world ranking high not only across the European market, but also in Australia. The song peaked at the top spot in several countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, and Switzerland. It spent 15 consecutive weeks in the UK Top 100, making it the most successful Eurovision song in history, ahead of "Waterloo" by ABBA, and "I Can" by Blue. The single sold over 2 million copies worldwide.


Press Award | Artistic Award | Composer Award - Israel 2010

While the Israel's entry didn't reach top 10 in the grand final, it managed to attract attention from pretty much everyone else involved winning the press, artistic and composer award in 2010. The song was welcomed by polarizing opinions from people calling it dramatic and beautiful, or up front boring. That did not stop the powerful ballad to reaching everyone's hearts. In an interview the singer Harel Skaat described it as a song about "separation, of any kind. Separation of lovers, of a family. In Hewbre, 'Milim" means words. The words are the most memorable thing we have after a separation, words are very powerful and the are engraved in our minds and hearts". This song will definitely stay in our hearts for a long time.

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