Top 10 reasons to watch Eurovision on Saturday


The 3Ds - Dance, Disco, Divas!

Since the 1970s Eurovision has fully embraced disco, adding eccentricity to the contest and making it fun to watch. Disco, electro-pop, or anything else, we truly love some fun along with crazy choreographies, and fierce diva moments.



Culturally Diverse Performances

It's the Olympics of singing, the window on the world which brings together entries from over 40 countries each year. Where else would you see a beautiful Serbian ballad performed right next to an Austrian drag queen?



The Biggest in The World

Bigger than Superbowl, and bigger than any entertainment-focused event in the world Eurovision has been attracting over 200 million viewers to turn in for years. There's simply no reason to ignore the biggest entertainment show in the world, that everyone's watching.



Contest with a Wholesome Message

The Eurovision Song Contest was created to unite a war-torn Europe by sharing our culture and creating a single platform to present European music. In addition to the overall positive ideology each year the hosting country also puts forward a slogan, such as "Building Bridges" in 2015, "Come Together" in 2016, or "Celebrate Diversity" in 2017. This year the slogan is "All Aboard!"


Those LEDs

While it's also a way for the hosting country to show off their wealth and outstanding engineering skills, the stage tends to be one of the most exciting parts of the show. In 2007 for the first time, we saw a transparent screen, that will become completely transparent when turned off. In 2009 Russia gather a third of the world's LEDs to make up that gigantic background and in 2010 they put the LEDs on wheels and made them split into two. There's been a lot of crazy stuff taking place around the screen but LEDs seems to be one of the most exciting characteristics of Eurovision.




While some of us use our computers to send emails and stalk our ex on Facebook, others create computer animations, live broadcasted digital special effects and 3D holograms. Eurovision has been known for its cutting-edge technology introducing the use of spider cameras in 2006, transparent screens in 2007, fully recyclable staging materials in 2015, 3D holograms in 2016, NFC powered experimental VISA wristbands in 2016, which acted as payment mechanisms but also as a controllable collective audience screen, and oh, there's so much more. Whatever new and cool you're looking for, Eurovision probably has it all!


Attitude & Sass

As mentioned previously we love to see divas on the Eurovision stage, but sometimes it's not only the performers that make us laugh. In 2016 it was the jury voting that turned out to be hilariously entertaining with Ukrainian Verka Serduchka, and the Swedish sassy but humorous greeting "Hallo Europe! ... As you can see we couldn't fit all these crazy Eurovision fans into one arena, so we built two! Because we have the money for it!" and if that wasn't enough, we were educated about an "old" Swedish saying - "if there's room in the heart, there's room in the butt", and the humor definitely will not end there.


Humorous MCs

We will never forget how the beloved Petra guided us to "grab our towers, and cum together" while opening the Eurovision 2016, or how Lynda Woodruff received a promotional email for Viagra. While the MCs are different every year, there's always something to be entertained by.


The hilarious commentators

While this will largely depend on where you will be broadcasting the show, there's no way to turn a fun celebration of European music and culture into anything dull. Most commentators such as the UK's Graham Norton have been doing their job for quite some time now, and we've never been bored.


Interval Acts

* The Bonus D

There's no Eurovision without pre-Eurovision or post-Eurovision drama. No matter if it is some viewers not liking a particular song, complaining about politically oriented voting, or something like Conchita's beard. There's always something to talk and tweet about.

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