Dare to Dream. 2019 Eurovision Slogan officially announced

It starts to feel like Eurovision, right? With just 200 days left till the 2019 Grand Final, this evening, Israeli broadcaster KAN, together with the Eurovision Executive Supervisor, Jan Ola Sand, revealed the 2019 slogan: DARE TO DREAM.

“This aspirational tag line represents and symbolizes everything that the Eurovision Song Contest is about. It’s about inclusion. It’s about diversity. It’s about unity,” said Jon Ola Sand during the celebratory announcement in Tel Aviv.


Sand also added: “Being on that stage, daring to dream you can win the Eurovision Song Contest, be brave enough, be confident enough, standing there performing for a world audience is something that is worth the dream. This is what Netta did last year, when she performed in Lisbon. She went on that stage with a dream — a dream to bring the Eurovision Song Contest back to Israel. And she succeeded. And next year in May, in Tel Aviv, we will all meet to celebrate the good values of the Eurovision Song Contest and we will do it here, with the help of broadcaster KAN and the Israeli team.”.

Prime Minster Netanyahu, who took part at the ceremony in Tel Aviv, added: “"I dare to dream about the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel next year; I dare to dream that the Eurovision will take place here the following year as well (laughing). I'm sure all the songs will be excellent, but we are dreamers that make dreams a reality,".

"We have a country with a big heart and a great creative force. Netta, God bless her, has done exceptional foreign relations work. This of course allows us to host the song competition here and show Israel to the world, as it really is—a dynamic country. The contest will be held in Tel Aviv, a very dynamic city with a big heart and great hopes," Netanyahu went on to say.


Eldad Koblenz, the CEO of the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC), added, "We already know that dreams come true. As we proved in the World Cup—we know how to provide a free innovative quality broadcast for all citizens of Israel. We dare to dream about a wide scale Eurovision contest that will be accessible to millions of viewers in Israel and abroad. The Eurovision Song Contest is important to Israel and its image. We expect to work in full cooperation with all parties involved."